I’ve been obsessed with books since I first learned to read as a child. I have found solace in them. I have learned new ideas and new words and about the world. I love all genres of books and have unlimited favorites, but there are 10 books/series that I love most. These ones have stayed with me over time and I have read them over and over again, because I just can’t get enough.

So without further adieu, here are the 10 reads that have been the highlight of my reading life in no particular order.

Gah! I loved these books so hard. The Too Far trilogy by Abbi Glines is a must read for anyone that loves a good angsty romance, complete with a twisted up alpha hero and a heroine you can sympathize with. I devoured this series and went on to read the rest of Ms. Glines book in an embarrassingly short amount of time.
I’m a sucker for two genres in particular–horror and romance. Strange combination? Maybe. But I’ve never said I was normal. The Experiment In Terror series by Karina Halle is both sexy and scary. It’s the perfect combination of spooky paranormal and the love of two damaged people that you root for throughout each book. If you love a good ghost story and a breathtaking romance, this series is one you don’t want to miss.
The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. This series is everything! Sexy romance, bad ass alphas, shifter and werewolves and fae. So many amazing things all twisted up with myths and legends and actual history, weaving a long line up of intertwined stories that I don’t think I will ever get enough of. Any time there is a new Dark Hunter book, I’m all over it.
So this one doesn’t fit in with any of the romance novels listed here, but that’s ok. It shows my eclectic taste. Funland by Richard Laymon scared the holy hell out of me.

As an author, the emotions this book brings out in my is inspiring. Not that I’m a creepy killer hiding out in a dilapidated fun house, but that Laymon so effortlessly draws you into the twisted world within the pages. I love that he writes the sick and twisted things that only exist in our worst nightmares.

I have read this book literally 500 times. I love every word of it. Every Kristen Ashley book is a definite must read, but Sweet Dreams just has a little something extra that speaks to me. The strength of the characters. The alpha tendencies of Tate. The crazy, sweet hippies in the bakery. All of it.
Dean Koontz is the author that made me fall in love with horror/thriller novels way back when I was just a teenager. I love all of his books, but this particular one, I keep coming back to again and again.

Intensity is a novel that takes place in one single, horror-filled night. So much happens in this story and the title is fitting. It is intense.

Ok…so, this one is definitely one of my top 10 reads, but I have only read it one single time. I likely won’t read it again. Not because it’s not good, but because this book actually pretty much destroyed me. It fixed me in the end, but the journey was heartbreaking and frustrating and sexy and … just … ugh. Book one drove me crazy. The heroine pissed me right off and I kinda hated her, but it’s amazing to watch her grow and mature throughout the three books, and I have to say, book three is my favorite of all of them. If you like angsty romance, the Thoughtless trilogy by SC Stephens is definitely one you don’t want to miss.
Ah, the Driven series. This one has stayed with me to the point that I can remember quotes from the books after just reading them a couple of times. Colton is so beautifully broken and sexy and swoon-worthy. K. Bromberg gives us all the feels with this one. The best part is, this is coming out on Passionflix really soon, and is reason enough for me to finally get my membership.
I love all of Colleen Hoover‘s books. I’ve read every single one of them, and have yet to find one that didn’t resonate with me somehow. This one though, it wins a special place in my heart. Not because I have lived it, but because she writes it so beautifully, I feel as if I’m living it right along with Lily. It Ends With Us is the first book I’ve ever read where I genuinely fall in love with a character and he actually crushes my heart. Lots of books make me angry at a character I love, but this hero … he broke me. Colleen Hoover is a talent to be admired and I will continue to devour every word she writes.
And last but not least, there’s Jamie McGuire‘s Travis Maddox. The ultimate book boyfriend/bad boy/alpha/love-of-my-life-if-he-were-real. I think it’s safe to say that this series is what sucked me away from the thriller/horror genre and into the romance novels for good. All I can say about this book is, if you haven’t read it … change that. The Beautiful series is intense, sexy, beautiful and disastrous. See what I did there?

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